Molly The Go-Giver

A large part of my passion is found in giving. Giving in all forms makes me feel the most value at my core. Today, my Molly showed that her inner core has some of the same makings. As we pulled out of her preschool parking lot, she noticed the men working on the scaffolding, and she started talking about how cold they must be.

She continued this conversation all the way home talking about their faces and the cold breeze and how they would need hot chocolate. She talked about making them some and how she wanted to give it to them. As we pulled on the street she wrapped up the conversation with “So can we mama?” I wasn’t paying attention the whole time but I could hear in her tone how serious she was. We stopped by the house to grab some cash and headed to the McDonald’s by her preschool. We weren’t sure how many men were working so we picked up five and headed over to deliver them from the chilly temperatures.

As we approached, I realized that the men had gone to lunch and I was sad that Molly wouldn’t be able to deliver her blessing. Instead of being disappointed she said “Let’s just drive around until we find someone who is cold.” I was so inspired by her motivation to serve others and her positive attitude when things didn’t go her way. We found a couple of men working on a business a few houses down, and we gladly gave them the hot chocolate.

When she had originally asked, I thought it was cute and thoughtful. It has been a long week, and I just wanted to go home, but she insisted on helping these men. In all that we do in our daily life, this is the kind of spirit I want her to have. To have told her no would have taken that gift away from her and taken away what I got watch her experience. It is easy to forget that she watches my every move and that in her little 4-year-old heart she is developing her own passions and values. I challenge you to go out of your way today to do something kind for someone else. Not only will it bless their hearts, but it will more than bless yours!

Happy Wednesday!


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