Mow the lawn- Love my Kids

Right now I am sitting on my porch swing, drinking a cup of hot yummy coffee, and listening to the birds sing.  As I sit here I think How blessed am I? I look around and I see things that I always dreamed would be a part of my life, but I don’t know that I thought it would be a reality. 

As I sit on my front porch, on the swing I always wanted. I see my dear friend Melissa’s house. With my personality and a love for community, what a blessing it is to live next door to someone I hold so dear. To have a friend to call on in a time of need or just to enjoy a cup of coffee.  I look next door and see my neighbor Marleen’s house. As we played outside yesterday my kids would stop and run over to Marleen just to say hi or sit on her lap. A friendly older lady with no kids or grandkids and I can see the love she receives from my kids who like her just because. 

I know that inside there are bagels on the table and hot coffee on the counter. There is a fenced in, fresh cut lawn in the back where my kids bikes are parked from yesterday’s play. And there is a room with bunk beds where my kids play and sleep together and create memories that will last a lifetime. Last night I had to put ella in her own bed at least three times so  Molly could sleep. When I peaked in this morning, there they were, sleeping on the bed together. 

This is LOVE

I am so grateful for everything that has been given to me to care for. From my friend across the street who I find such satisfaction in blessing her with actions of love. To my neighbor Marleen who sits at home more days than not and loves a caring conversation. To sweating in the hot sun while taking care of my lawn. I am grateful to have hardwood floors to scrub and beds to change the sheets. I am grateful for a business that allows me to stay home with my girls and make relationships with people I would never have met. Some of those girls have become my closest friends. I am grateful for my reliable car, and though it seems I spend more time cleaning it then making it a mess, I am grateful to have a car to clean. 

Today when you are running around, checking things off your list, and feeling overwhelmed, stop and look at what you have been given. As much as it can feel like a chore to take the trash out, change the sheets, run the kids around, prepare the meals, mow the lawn, and all the other crazy things we juggle in a day, stop and thank God for each one of those. You could easily not have a home, a car, food to eat, children to love, and community to serve. Find time to thank God today for the things we look at as inconveniences and see them as blessings. 

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