My Life and the Movie Elf

As many know, this is just the beginning of my favorite time of year!  So many exciting things happening and all on the riding on the cusp of the most magical time of the year. Naturally it is September 5th and I am watching Elf while I get some work done. This movie is typically taken from a light hearted point of view with a lot of laughs. But today I saw something different.

As the movie is rolling through scene after scene I noticed that Buddy is not only a hysterically funny character but an abnormally positive one. He faces a lot of  “adversities” being a human in an Elf world and continues to as he goes in search of his Dad, all the while he sees the good in so many things. Often these scenes are funny, like trying to hug an angry raccoon, and eating all the gum off of the underside of a handrail. But there are other things I noticed, like celebrating the sign that said “Worlds Best Cup of Coffee”, or when he was in the elevator and the lights lit up he found them to be beautiful. The excitement and the celebration over the small things immediate caught my attention. (you can watch the scene here)

Is  he a little naive? Maybe. BUT, I see a lot of his character in our children. My kids see every child as an opportunity to make a new friend.  They see a car ride as an opportunity to go somewhere exciting, and bath time isn’t about getting clean it is about saving the barbies from disaster. They look at the dingy basement as the coolest place to ride their scooters and bed time as their opportunity to have some one on one cuddle time. I look at life from the perspective of,  how quickly can we get from one thing to the next. I ask myself, do I really need to run to the store, waste time getting ready, and can’t bed time just be bed time. My perspective, life is a job. Their perspective, life is an opportunity.

We are so spoiled with top notch everything and quick and easy service that we forget to be thankful for the small things. We could take a lesson in being passionate and positive about the things happening in our life, even when they are small. Though his character is supposed to be naive, I find myself wishing I could see the small good things even when there are great adversities in my way. A challenge I think we could all take something away from!

So here is to seeing the good in  “Worlds best cups of Coffee” even when in reality they might just be a crappy cup of coffee.

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