My Scentsy Journey

About 20 months ago I began selling Scentsy, hoping to make a small contribution to our families income. I had sold for the Body Shop at Home for a short period of time but the money, work, and self motivation weren’t there. I had said that I would never try that route again, it just did not have enough benefits. My dear friend bought me a Scentsy plugin for Christmas and immediately I fell in love! The fragrance was exceptional and the concept fit right into my lifestyle. It was safe! I didn’t have to worry about blowing it out or my kids getting into it, and my house STILL smelled fantastic!

It was not long before people started talking to me about selling, my team quickly grew to five and within my 1st 10 months I became a director! It was not long after that where my life began to drastically change. Mark and I for the first time ever were not living by the skin of our teeth. Instead of being given to, we were able to give back! We bought a new (working) car, paid off our credit card debt (the month of CHRISTMAS!) and bought a new home. 

Within the last year I have been to detroit, MI, Oralando, Fl, and Fort Worth Texas, all for Scentsy! I was able to qualify for an all inclusive trip to DISNEY for my family of four! Airfare, food, hotel (the contemporary), park hoppers, and all kinds of extra goodies were paid for! This year I will be going to the Rivera Mya in Mexico for a leadership retreat, Punta Cana in the Domincian Republic for an incentive trip, and Las Vegas for our annual Convention! 

Mark and I are looking forward to what this year will look like, and how we will be able to bless other people with a business that has rocked our world!  I never thought that I would be able to accomplish anything like this. I have no college degree and I am a stay at home mom! Little did I know that God had WAY bigger plans for me, bigger than I had ever imagined! In Scentsy I have found purpose and confidence! I am thankful for all the blessings and I hope that one day I can give it all back!!!!

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