New Year New Word


Each year I choose a word to focus on. I spend time thinking about what I want my year to look like, how I want to grow, and where I want focus. This year I chose the word Celebration with a focus on the word perspective. Contrary to what many think and see from me, my life is not a constant party. Though I love to share the good that God has brought into our life, there is much that goes on behind the scenes that we choose not share. These areas of my life often are the cause of great anxiety, self consciousness, and discouragement. It is easy to celebrate when things are going well. It is easy to be thankful when things are good and all is right, but when things get tough and reality sets in, the word celebrate can be a hard one.

A few weeks ago our CEO shared with us his views on entitlement. He was using perspective to show how we think we are entitled to all things good and how others not so good circumstances show that we aren’t entitled to anything. He said he isn’t entitled to healthy children when daily there are people who are losing their children to sickness and disease. We are not entitled to a warm house when there are people sleeping on the street in -30 degree weather. We are not entitled TO love, we get to GIVE love.

As I adjust to the new year with a new baby, sleepless nights, a healing body, and a hectic routine, I realize there are people who would give anything to have a baby. They would give anything to have a healthy baby. They would give anything to stay up all night for feedings, go through whatever pain and healing to have a baby, and would gladly skip a shower every day for cuddle time. Their perspective helps me to CELEBRATE mine.

As we have waited out the last 2 days of unbelievably cold weather I am reading about so many losing power, heat, and water. It helps me to be thankful and celebrate that we even have a home to be in. A few weeks ago a woman from our mops group went out to her car to find a homeless man sleeping in it. My first thought is, Could the car really have been that much warmer? How lucky am I to have a bed, let alone a home. Perspective helps us to celebrate. We can go without heat when we have a closet full of clothes, a bed to snuggle in, or a fire place. We can go without running water when we have a refrigerator full of food and neighbors to help. We can go without electric when we dont need light and have so many options to keep warm, even if that means your car.

Perspective and celebration go hand in hand. Today I choose to celebrate even though I am sore, tired, and slightly overwhelmed. My reality is a beautiful thing, I just have to take time to look for the things worth celebrating!!! I challenge you today to find a word or get a healthy perspective.

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