Party With Alicia


Hi! My name is Kelly, and welcome to Alicia's Scentsy party. Since we can't physically get together with one another, I thought I would bring the party to you! Scroll down and I will share with you my favorite products, things I have enjoyed during social distancing, and a lot of things that just smell good! Scent is a great way to boost your mood and enjoy your home a little more during this season.

My favorite things



Scentsy soak is my FAVORITE mom treat! With 4 kids, I need a time out, and this is what I use. Our bath soak is a mix of Pink Himalayan Salt,  Epsom Salts, and bath bombs all mixed into one. It's a 2 pound bag that will last 5-6 baths and will make any day, great!



Our fragrance flower is the PERFECT addition to any small room, office, or bathroom. This reed diffuser releases a subtle fragrance, not too light, not too strong. It lasts up to 60 days, and the best part is, it doesn't need a plug!

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Our cleaning line smells like heaven and cleans like a boss. With plant based ingredients, the citric acid packs a PUNCH against soap scum and build up! This bundle is absolutely the bomb!

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