Rags and Riches- Owning Your Future

As I was enjoying the day after Christmas resting on the couch the tv happened to catch my attention. I heard the words AVON and SOUTH AFRICA. Knowing very little about South Africa, but enough to know it’s culture, I immediately tuned in. I listened to a woman who lived in one of the poorest townships in South Africa who was taking control of her life. She was sharing her dream and passion with other women just like her and giving them an opportunity to take control of their life. As images of their “homes” scrolled across the screen I did not see a place for a potential “makeup business” to grow. No, I saw dirty water, tin homes, and A LOT of very impoverished people. As I listened to her story I felt inspired! I look at my own journey as an entrepreneur, and though our circumstances are drastically different, our desire to self sustain and change lives is not.

Often people blow off my job and underestimate the power and influence of direct sales. We sell ourselves short saying we are too poor, too busy, too quiet, too blah blah blah, but as you see in this video, there are no circumstances that can stop you when you want to self sustain. For us in America it is to pay off debt, own a home, and have financial freedom. For her it is to send her kids TO school, to buy herself a washing machine, and to own a home. She is saving others from violence and being horrifically taken advantage of all while helping them to see they can have dreams and hopes to be more.

I believe in what I do because of things like this alone. I have had the chance to see people take back their lives, pay off their debt, and find freedom, confidence, and friendship in this business.

I believe in what I do.
I believe it gives opportunity.
I believe it changes lives.

Do you feel that way about your job? You can do anything you put your mind to, YOU just have to start with believing in yourself and not be afraid to fight or work for something! I believe you can do it, Do you? (click on the image and watch her interview)


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