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TodayisI my friend Amber’s Birthday, and she is the BIG OLD 30!!!! Though I haven’t seen her in what seems to be years, I follow her and her journey on facebook daily.  My sweet amazing friend has been battling Crohn’s disease over the last several years.  I watch on facebook as she is in and out of the hospitals, surgery after surgery, diagnosis after diagnosis. She misses birthdays, her daughters games, and her favorite place to worship, at her church.  All while blogging her journey and doing her best to keep an attitude of gratitude for being alive. The reality is, she has been dealt a pretty cruddy deck of cards.   And yet, her attitude is still impacting and influencing those around her to be better people. She challenges us to find thankfulness in the not-so-great situations, and to be thankful for each new day.

Her journey blesses my heart. It makes me want to be a better me.

SO, for her birthday today it did not surprise me when she wanted to challenge all of her friends to share words of encouragement  She is calling it RWOE (random words of encouragement)

Here is her challenge:

In the midst of my most difficult days God is always there whispering in my ear words of encouragement and love. I am a post-it note person and have them scattered around my house at times and it makes a difference seeing little phrases of joy and encouragement throughout the day to help lift me up. As you go throughout your day Thursday I’m asking for you to take a post it note with an encouraging phrase or scripture and randomly place it somewhere. It can be at the grocery store, gas station, school or wherever you feel the Lord is asking you to leave it. Help make someones day by offering them a little hope through words. Thanks!!!!!!

Please join me today is blessing her and those around her with the gift of uplifting words, in a day like today words of encouragement come far too little.

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