Scentsy Buddies- Tooth Fairy Edition

Why a Scentsy Buddy will make your fairy days even more magical!

The tooth fairy. Why did she have to go and promise our kids money in exchange for their tooth? Why does it have to go under their pillow? Why does it get lost EVERY. SINGLE. TIME?? Outside of the times where I get lucky, and the light of the full moon shines through the window just enough to see my way through the room, the tooth is MIRACULOUSLY where it should be, and I can get out of the room without stepping on every crack that wakes the kids up, this is just not the normal case. That is where Scentsy buddies come into play.

Scentsy Buddies save the day

A few years ago when Scentsy launched their buddies I realized what a true gem we had on our hands. Each buddy comes with a zippered pouch to put the fragrance pak in. What we didn’t realize is that moms EVERYWHERE would be thanking the good Lord for these magnificent zippered contraptions. Take the scent pak out, put the tooth in. It is as easy as that. Put your Scentsy Buddies next to their pillow and finding their rouge tooth just became easier. It makes the impossible, totally possible. AND when you take the tooth out, you put the money in. No more sliding your arms under the pillows while trying not to wake them.Now, really we love our Scentsy Buddies for so much more! They smell great, they are soft and cuddly, the scents are easily changed, and they hold up well. But this added bonus of teeth holding makes these stuffed animal irreplaceable! If you want your own Scentsy buddy (or glorified tooth holder) you can order yours any time here. And check back often, we are always releasing new buddies your kids will love!

To check out our current list of buddies always check here!

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