A Way We Give Back

This past week, I spent some of the most amazing time at Scentsy’s home office. Not only is it in an awesome location with amazing food but it is a week with some of the best people I know. Every year, several of the top leaders of Scentsy get together for training with those who work at our home office. Though the week is geared toward networking and learning from the corporate side, there is one awesome thing we do just as leaders. Scentsy is set apart by their love of giving! They focus on being generous and they teach us to do the same thing. Each year at our summit training many bring items to donate for our silent auction, Heart to Heart. One night a year, we spend time bidding on items to raise money for a few Scentsy families in need. This year 6 families were chosen, one who is fairly close to my heart.


A little over 6 months ago a girl on my team, and a distant family member, lost her wonderful 11 year old son to an accidental shooting. It was obvious what a bright spot this little boy was in many lives and the void he left has been great. Our hearts have grieved with our fellow sister and our desire to help her and her family has been heavy on our hearts.


We ended up with this warmer that resembles an amazing journey, friends, we love, and transformation of lives. I hadn’t spoken to my distant cousin in years and though my heart breaks over her journey and the loss of her son, I am thankful we get to love and support her with this amazing group of people! This warmer is a little different than what you see around today. Being one of the first, 9 years old, it represents a lot of growth, transformation, hard work, love, loss, change, life, and family. This job we do isn’t just selling wax and warmers. It isn’t just smells and things that trigger great memories. It is family. It is hope. It is love.


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