Scentsy is great, BUT…..

I am so thankful for the opportunity I have had with Scentsy. It has blessed my family exponentially and I am truly grateful for what has become of it. 

I talk about Scentsy quite a bit and it’s because I really love what I do. But I am afraid that the spotlight has been shown a little too much on me and not on the other things that make my business so successful. I am only a very small part of my business and I want to share with you the true success of Scentsy.

First I have a truly phenomenal group of people who are in my downline. Today that group number stands at 107, one away from my goal of 108. This time last year my group was at 8 and I am blown away that in one short year we have grown by nearly 100 people! I would not be where I am at all without such an amazing group of people under me. These people do not merely consist of my downline, they have become great friends and even family. The deserve a large portion in the credit that I get for the success I have achieved.  

Second, I work for a company that is set up so successfully it is hard to not be successful. Not only do they sell a smart and consumable product but their generosity blows my little heart out of the water. Yes they treat their consultants great with incentives, freebies, and awesome paychecks! BUT they are always thinking of ways to give back and challenging us to do the same. I am honestly humbled to work for a company like Scentsy. So far they have raised close to 400,000 dollars to donate to autism speaks. When we were in Texas they challenged the consultants to donate money over those 2 days, and within those 2 days they raised 50,000 dollars for the local food bank in fort worth. They are ALWAYS and I mean always thinking of ways to give back and pay it forward. I consider myself lucky to sell for them!

And lastly and most importantly, God gets the most credit. I am just a normal person like anyone else and my abilities are no greater than my neighbors. GOD uses me in ways I NEVER thought I would be used. He has brought me into the lives of hosts and consultants who have become like family to me. He has blessed myself and my team in ways that I wish I could explain. I know that I am a part of this equation, but I am not a big part. Without Christ at the center of my business and the center of my heart I do not believe my business would be where it is today. 

Grateful, blessed, and humbled are just a few words that come to mind when I think about selling scentsy. Scentsy is great, BUT when God is in the center of it… it is awesome! 

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