I have not lost my passion, I am just discovering it!

IMG_4481.PNGOver the last 5 years my life has changed for the better.  There are a million factors that have positively impacted the last 1,825 days. God, family, Mark, Molly, the birth of Ella, the welcome of Kait, SCENTSY, friends, healthy relationships, experience, the purchase of our first home, paying off debt, having a goal, living life, etc. Now there are also experiences that were not so positive, that were hard, that challenged my will and my ability to see the good. The reality is, although during the time things felt impossible, they strengthened the things that were important to me and helped me to trust, love, and give more freely.

I think about the time where our home, cars, and health were not at their finest. Yes, we had to buckle down, yes we had to be smarter about money, yes we had to work together, but in the end, those experiences taught us how to budget, how to work together without fighting, and how to serve each other more.

Over the last few years in Scentsy, I have felt the need to talk less about my passion for the business. I had friends who would make comments about my Facebook, how it dominated their news feeds, and how they want to have Scentsy-free conversations. I started to feel like it was coming across as braggy when we worked hard and traveled, or worked hard and earned awards, or worked hard and promoted. Because of those feelings of inadequacy, I stopped talking passionately about my business. I stopped asking people to join me and I stopped talking Scentsy with my friends.

Scentsy has brought me possibilities I couldn’t ever have imagined. It brought me hope, new friends, a new found dream, a closer marriage, and the ability to see good in myself. Over time, I felt guilty for experiencing all this good and stopped talking about it as much. I didn’t want to offend anyone or have them hide me on Facebook because I talked about my business too often.

Those days are over. Yes, I will talk about the product and share my love for fragrance because it is a passion. But I will talk about Scentsy and my love for it because it truly has given us endless possibilities. God is my hope, but he gave me SCENTSY as a way! A way to stay home with my kids, a way to give more, a way to be a better me, a way to feel valued, a way to give back.

Don’t be afraid to find passion, don’t be afraid to take risks, don’t be afraid to try something new-and to learn! It doesn’t matter if you already work full time, stay at home, are just out of college, or are older!

Take on those possibilities! Find passion in your life!

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