Scentsy Revealed A New Way To Deliver Scent To Your Home

Scentsy revealed its new fragrance delivery system on June 22nd at Scentsy Family Reunion in Las Vegas. The new system builds on the already popular wax & warmer system by adding the flexibility of essential and natural oils and ultrasonic diffusers. This new system aligns perfectly with Scentsy’s mission to warm the heart, enliven the senses, and inspire the soul.


This new system delivers an immediate sensory experience that is bold and personalized. They will open with three diffusers that combine modern technology with fragrant beauty. Each diffuser sports a color changing LED that delivers the opportunity to personalize the look with sixteen LED lighting affects that include various amounts of light and color–from low or high white lights, a candle flicker, a colorful changing affect, or one of several solid colors.

Scentsy will offer 21 natural and essential oils that are sourced from the most fragrant botanicals in the world. This will allow Scentsy to enter a new emerging market that is focused on using natural and essential oils for home fragrance. This will combine the best of what Scentsy has to offer and what essential oils have proven to provide.

Essential oils are distilled from the most fragrance botanicals in the world to provide a pure single note fragrance. Scentsy will launch with three essential oils that include eucalyptus, lavender, and peppermint. Customers can mix and match their own oils to create their own scents. They worked with the best essential oil companies to provide the highest quality essential oils in the world. They added six essential oil blends that focus even more on the fragrance experience with names like bliss, clear, and kick.

For an even more complex fragrance experience, Scentsy has formulated twelve 100% natural oils that are similar to the blends used in previous fragrances. Some of them include Cedar Lemon Lavender and Ginger Orange that are incredible, multi-dimentional fragrances that customers will love.

Scentsy even added a new level of fit and finish to the packaging on the new diffuser system. The diffuser itself is made of durable plastic with world class technology to precisely diffuse the oils into the air. The system is simple to use and customizable. There are three shades including Inspire, Still, and Evolve. The Evolve shade is a blown glass with a subtle striped pattern. Combined with the sixteen lighting effects, the diffusers will look great in any home and help you fit it to any decor or mood.

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Those who registered to attend Scentsy Family Reunion in the first ten days was eligible to receive their own diffuser and oils. They are also allowed to sell this new product early, beginning August 1st. This means it will be available to you from Scented Family a full month before it is widely available to all consultants.

We have been live streaming several of the general sessions via periscope, so follow us at @scentedfamily on Periscope or Twitter.

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