Scentsy Swag Mail

Are you looking for ways to reconnect with customers?  Has it been a while since you’ve reached out to them ?  Do you struggle with what to say? That’s OK, we’ve all been there!  Life gets busy and time moves quickly!   Here is a fun way to connect with customers, keep it personal, and give them a reason to come back!

•How to make Scentsy Catalog Mail •

We call it Scentsy swag mail- catalog edition.  Give your customers a reason to smile, while sharing your favorite things.   It’s important to remember to keep it simple for yourself. If you make it too big or wait until you have all of the right things, you’ll never get started. So look around at what you have, and get the things that you can’t live without, and create your own Scentsy swag mail!    Here are the things we use to share love with our customers ❤️


A personal message taped to the cover

A wish list on the first few pages

Samples of your FAVORITE fragrances

A Scent circle as a thank you

A bounce back buck to help them turn their wish list into reality

A SOTM sticker/ sample and a flyer

a personal thank you note

It doesn’t matter which month you get your mailers out, do a couple of month for the whole catalog season, or do them all the first month it launches.  Do whatever gets the job done.

••••  for me personally I will put these in orders, I will mail them to my VIP customers, and I will mail them to people who placed orders on my PWS .   There is no right or wrong way to do this, you do you.  The files that we use will be personally uploaded here and you can use them anytime .  Print out a few labels and stick your information right over our PDFs!










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