Scentsy Unveiled a New Look Today at Scentsy Family Reunion in Las Vegas


Scentsy kicked off this year’s Scentsy Family Reunion in style as they revealed the new logo design and branding for the company. After a brief introduction from Heidi and Orville, we heard from Lyndsey Randolph, who just completed her first year at Scentsy as Chief Creative Officer. Orville explained that they had been looking for someone to help them re-brand Scentsy in a way that better communicated the continued story that they are writing for their family, their company, and the consultants whose lives they touch.


Randolph began by reviewing the old logos, highlighting the Sister Frisky font that so boldly communicated who Scentsy was for the first decade as it grew from a small business in a basement to a shipping container on a sheep farm and eventually to a global Fortune 500 direct sales business that partners with tens of thousands of independent consultants around the world. She brought us to the round seal logo that is in use on much of our packaging today, and used that as a foundation for rebuilding a new logo that is fresh and new, while retaining the core of what customers and consultants recognize as fundamentally Scentsy.

To build this new logo, she began with the purple round seal. Adding three stars to the top part of the seal and the phrase “Authentic Product” to the top and bottom edges of the seal, we began to see some familiarity to the former logo. She introduced a new element to the bottom half of the seal, with an “EST. 2004” marking that gives further honor to our beginning as a company. To finish off the new logo, the company name was added to a rectangular plate with a modern font based on Mister Eaves, which was a font that was often used by Scentsy in copy and title positions. Now at the forefront, this font delivers a clean look that fits perfectly in a modern home.


This new logo paves the way for product categories to be identified with category specific logos as well. Adding simple silhouette logos below the new Scentsy logo, we now have logos for seven newly defined product categories. Our new categories are Scentsy Home, Scentsy Skin (women’s body care), Scentsy Laundry, Scentsy Kids, Scentsy Scent, Scentsy Groom (men’s body care), and Scentsy Clean.

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New products in these categories haven’t been released yet, but we look forward to hearing about some new products to fill these categories over the next two days as the new 2015 Fall Catalog is released. If you want to be among the first to receive a copy of the new catalog, be sure to join our email list and we will send you the catalog as soon as we have it.

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We’ve got the latest Scentsy Catalog available for you, featuring the hottest new warmers, your new favorite scents, and a bunch more of Scentsy than you ever knew you wanted. We can send you one right now!

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