Speaker For A Day!

It seems like with each season I am doing more and more to step outside my comfort zone. Here is what I have come to find: I love it! I love the feeling of accomplishing things I never thought I could! Ten years ago, I decided to try out college. That didn’t work out so well. After dropping out and getting married, I really assumed that the most I could do with my life was maintain a minimum wage paying job or try to be a stay at home mom. We made things work, but I settled for believing that I would never have much to offer. I sold myself short, scrubbed toilets, and babysat to make ends meet.

Fast forward through those ten years to three years ago. I ventured out on a “business” opportunity using my outgoing personality to try sales. As the last three years progressed, I realized I had WAY more to offer than I ever imagined!!! Two years in, I found myself in the top of an amazing company! Still feeling like a small fish in a huge ocean, I dreamed big and started to dig in as a leader. I learned from what others did, read books on businesses, and listened to training after training. I looked up to those amazing women who spoke to us at events and took their words directly into my heart.

Fast forward to two days ago, I WAS one of those women!!!!! After being asked to speak in November, I contemplated if I was really cut out for this. I second guessed my capabilities and really felt this was out of my league! I wasn’t smart enough to speak to 1,000 plus people about their business! What in the world did I have to offer? Well, It was the most AMAZING time of my life! I was designed for that moment, in that time, to speak to those people!!! I am so thankful or a job that allows me to step out of my comfort zone and SOAR!


  1. What an AMAZING leader. Kelly is one of the most heart-focused, value-based people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. She has built a hugely successful and profitable business organization by focusing on others and helping them to succeed. And, I believe we’ll be hearing more and more from this “rising star of leadership” in the years ahead!! Way to go, Kelly!!!!!

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