Stop Taking it Personally

There is a flashing neon light bilking rapidly in front of me yelling “STOP TAKING EVERYTHING SO PERSONALLY” Something I have really grown into over the last two years. I am not sure if it comes with age, experience, or awareness, but at some point we HAVE to realize that everyone else’s lives, thoughts, opinions, and actions are not personal.

I watched yesterday as someone was yelling at another car for “cutting them off”.  It really wasn’t that bad and you could tell it was a total accident. In that moment I thought “MERCY, TAKE A CHILL PILL”. He wasn’t doing it to make you mad. And I realized in that moment that we are society of making EVERYTHING personal. But are the things we often take personal, personal?

Chances are no. Everyone we encounter has a different life experience. From bad days to just plain ignorance, what usually feels personal, just isn’t.  Does that excuse behavior? No. BUT is it something we need to hang on to, develop road rage over, or become something we are emotionally effected by? Absolutley not.

So often people are living in their own moment. Coffee spilling on their clothes on the way out the door, a flat tire, a loss of a job or loved one, or maybe they just got out of bed on the wrong side. Either way, others actions (when done in ignorance) are just not meant to be taken personally.

Your heart, peace of mind, and sanity will THANK YOU! Today, when you are frustrated and you want to take the car cutting you off personal, don’t, chances are it was a complete accident. Extend grace, we ALL need it.

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