Stop the Want and be Thankful for the Have

I have had a lot of friends going through hard times and I found myself wondering this morning what is it we want out of life?I am sure the list would look like rainbows and butterflies in our fantasy world. All money to pay the bills, kids who were respectful, a dashing husband who would sweep you off your feet. Two perfect vehicles in mint condition, either your dream job outside the home or being the perfect stay at home mom who creates all the best meals, serves in all school activities, and always is in tip top shape. The perfect house, yard, dog, blah, blah, blah … Do you hear Charlie Browns teacher in your ear too?

I too have been struggling with this myself. So many of us this time of year fighting th bills. The medical, the utilities, car issues, house hold problems, and the dreaded word… Christmas shopping. But really, what is it we want out of life? 

At my core when asked this questions my immediate answerers are:
I want my kids to LOVE God.
I want to be a faithful wife who serves her husband out of love and respect and not as a duty.
I want to inspire a heart of giving in the people I come into contact with

In times like these it is important for me to remember where I came from. All the home repairs, car issues, and medical bills aside, where I am now is far better than where I was 5 years ago.  Adding a 3 wonderful children to that, our home that we get to LIVE in, and the things we get to do as a family is enough coffee to wake me up. I get to wake up every day and love on those around me. I GET to work, pay bills, and be responsible. My life is a privilege, and not one everyone gets to have that for 30 years.

Stopping and thinking of how far we have come as a human race and what we have survived reminds me that this will be a season too. People had 15 kids and lived through the great depression. There was a time where our own country was at war with itself, murdering our own people on our own soil. There have been wars, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and so on. And guess what? WE ARE STILL HERE! So what does it matter if your kids get a million gifts for Christmas? If you have a beautiful home or a brand new car? Those won’t shape and mold your kids. They don’t speak value into your husband. They don’t even make your life better because as soon as you have it, you want more.

It is time to stop and be thankful for what we have. Thankful for our lives. Thankful for each day. Tomorrow may or may not come. What REALLY matters to you?

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