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Join Scentsy this month for $15! This it the best time of year to join <3


Over the last 2 years Scentsy has been on an amazing journey developing new products and amazing experiences beyond wax and warmers. Today we are thrilled to introduce Indigo, a collection of brand-new fragrances inspired by the history, mystery and beauty of the color indigo. Each year, Scentsy has worked at giving us amazing scent experiences that far surpass fragrance. Each scent creates a memory and these memories are full of sights, sounds, tastes and amazing emotions. This collection will connect with you on a visual and scented level. Indigo fragrances will be sold as a set of six Scentsy Bars in a beautifully designed box with a scented postcard for an exciting multisensory experience. This collection goes on sale May 9 for $30 (USD)/$36 (CAD), and will only be available …

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Join Scentsy for LESS

Join Scentsy and start a journey that will take you places you never dreamed!!! Have you been looking for a way to make a little extra cash but don’t want to pick up a side job? Maybe you are looking for a way to get out of the house and meet new friends. Or maybe you want to find yourself on the next part of your journey. Being a part of our AMAZING Scentsy team can help you with one or all of those! We had no idea the life we were beginning 6 years ago when we took a leap of faith to  join Scentsy and today we are SO thankful for this journey. For me personally it has met all of those needs. Financially, emotionally and …

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