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EARN a FREE trip with Scentsy

One of my favorite things about working my own Scentsy business is earning FREE trips. We have had some AMAZING experiences with Scentsy traveling the world. From Disney, to Riviera Maya, to Punta Cana, to Cancun, to Whistler B.C, to Greece, to Vegas, and Disney & Punta Cana again, a Mediterranean  cruise, and Marco Island Florida! Each year Scentsy chooses an AMAZING location to take us to, where they spoil us and treat us like royalty. Honestly, I NEVER want to vacay outside of Scentsy. And SURE, it takes work, that’s the whole point of an incentive, but the reward is building a pay check while working toward a free vacay. I just don’t think it could be more awesome! Want to know more? Here is how you …

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Scentsy Holiday Launch

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Can you feel it? Fall is in the air, and the next 100 days are FULL of family, love, giving and all the best smells & food in the world! I am ready for all the pies, fires, sweaters & starbucks specialty drinks  <3 ! This year’s holidayScentsy launch is SPOT on, and not just the warmers. I am a sucker for a good theme, but even more so, a I LOVE a holiday scent that makes my home smell  bit like heaven. TODAY- scentsy shared what they are launching this October, and our fall line up is straight up AMAZING! Here are a few of my FAVORITE things launching this October. This year’s holiday Scentsy lineup has me like- …

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Words to Live by

  Words are my favorite. Every Friday I will share some words to inspire, encourage and motivate. Love these words today! “No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.”   “Decide what kind of life you want, then say no to everything that isn’t that” “If you change nothing, nothing will change.”

Scentsy Swag Mail

Are you looking for ways to reconnect with customers?  Has it been a while since you’ve reached out to them ?  Do you struggle with what to say? That’s OK, we’ve all been there!  Life gets busy and time moves quickly!   Here is a fun way to connect with customers, keep it personal, and give them a reason to come back! •How to make Scentsy Catalog Mail • We call it Scentsy swag mail- catalog edition.  Give your customers a reason to smile, while sharing your favorite things.   It’s important to remember to keep it simple for yourself. If you make it too big or wait until you have all of the right things, you’ll never get started. So look around at what you have, and …

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Mini Scentsy Party

Looking for some ways to grow your business but you don’t want to break the bank? No worries! Our Mini Scentsy Party is the PERFECT to boost your PRV, help your friends get free Scentsy, AND do it on a budget! What you will need for a mini Scentsy party: A handful of testers A few catalogs Order forms A Wish list for your host A Scentsy Swag catalog for your host (<—-Click here to check it out!) A few samples Once you have them made up, the second step is crucial. Make a list of 10 people to ask to take one for a week, but only write down names of people you KNOW work outside the home or spend a lot of time with friends/ people. The …

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Words Are a Powerful Thing

Words are a powerful thing. We read them, we say them, we hear them, we become them.  From a young age I struggled with who I was supposed to be. I was supposed to be smart, I was supposed to be responsible, I was supposed to be well mannered.  Instead, I was loud, I was hyper, and I struggled to fit in.   And the words that others spoke about me when I was younger, played a powerful role in how I identified myself as a young adult.  For a long time I thought my hyperactivity and outrageous amount of energy was a detriment. Oh how the words we hear and write on our hearts become what we believe and shape who we become.  Little did I know …

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Join Scentsy for $15

Join Scentsy this month for $15! This it the best time of year to join <3

Feel Good Friday

Feel Good Friday- words that will build you up.   I often find myself scrolling social media looking for words that inspire, motivate and make me feel empowered.

Scentsy Buddies- Tooth Fairy Edition

Why a Scentsy Buddy will make your fairy days even more magical! The tooth fairy. Why did she have to go and promise our kids money in exchange for their tooth? Why does it have to go under their pillow? Why does it get lost EVERY. SINGLE. TIME?? Outside of the times where I get lucky, and the light of the full moon shines through the window just enough to see my way through the room, the tooth is MIRACULOUSLY where it should be, and I can get out of the room without stepping on every crack that wakes the kids up, this is just not the normal case. That is where Scentsy buddies come into play. Scentsy Buddies save the day A few years ago when Scentsy …

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Join Scentsy for $15 this May!

Have you wanted to start your own side business but don’t quite know where to start?! For the month of May we are SUPER excited to share with you that YOU can join for just  $15! Everything you could need comes in our Anniversary Kit. Join today and you will Alabaster Mini Warmer. Pink Cotton Scentsy Bar. 15 Fragrance Testers. 15 catalogs. Three months of the Scentsy Personal Website (PWS) FREE. Quick Start Guide. Three packs of new release Scented Stickers. Downloadable Consultant Guide and Product Training Guide. Printable order forms and other digital tools. Our Scentsy business has changed our lives and it could change yours too! When we joined Scentsy 9 years ago, we had NO idea how it would change our life. Little by little, we have had some …

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