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paying it forward

A SoapBox of Selflessness

This is a 2 part series 🙂 And somewhat of a soap box, even more so a lifestyle change.  About 4 weeks ago I challenged my team to start thinking more about giving and making that a part of their daily life. We started off by writing 7 cards to 7 people in 7 days. The challenge was to write something thoughtful and not just sign a card. So often we shoot e-mails and texts and do things in a rush. Sending 7 cards had to have thought and action. We also focused on random acts of kindness and paying it forward.  Right about around the end of the fourth week I had a great AHA moment. I have always said my love language was gifts and words …

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A Note A Day*

It is so easy in todays society to get swept up into the whirling tornado of our day to day lives. It doesn’t sound as glamorous when you throw the words whirling tornado in there. Somewhere over the last couple decades we have slowly faded out of personal relationships to technology relationships. As people get to know each others lives via Facebook, blogging, and all that computer junk our fulfillment of quality friendships decreases. We have stopped writing thoughtful cards because we can send an e-mail. We have stopped meeting for coffee because we can have a quick phone chat. We have stopped having phone chats because we can text. And the list goes on. And our lives continue to fly by with less and less quality friendships.  …

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