It Takes a Village to Raise a Child

They say it takes a village to raise a child.

I don’t know that I always understood that statement but today, on a field trip with my daughter, I saw this in action.  It was our first kindergarten field trip and I think I learned as much as Molly did!

When we first arrived and the kids were walking off the bus I heard:  ”Awe, my mom’s not here.” “Is MY mom coming?”  ”Who am I going to walk with?”.

At first I felt grateful to work from home, Molly was thrilled that I was there.
Then I felt sad because so many kids wanted their moms.
And finally, I felt honored to be a stand in to the kids that were “parentless”

As we walked though the pumpkin patch learning about pollination, bees, food produced from pollination, acorns, and so on, I realized how many different people are shaping my kids minds. As they gave their talks I learned right along with the students. Did you know if a bee doesn’t pollinate a flower on a pumpkin the pumpkin will never grow? Or did you know that 1/3 of of our daily food comes from a pollinated plant? OR that one bee goes out in the morning, seeks out the flowers, then leads the who hive to the flowers. All these things may not seem important, but they are all stepping stones to our learning.

I realized how important each life is, each role, and that we aren’t just a speck on a timeline. Where we spend our time and what we share influences and impacts the lives of those around us.  The older woman volunteering her time and speaking passionately about acorns actually plays a GREAT role in developing of the minds of HUNDREDS of kids yearly. What an honor. It really does take a village to raise a child, we just choose who and what will influence and raise our children. Will it be a cartoon, a neighbor, a Sunday school teacher, a parent, a friend? We have a much more important role than we realize, and I felt challenged today to be the best example I can be.

Thankful for the village influencing my kids!

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