Thankfully Thursday


There is so much in my life I need to be thankful for!!!!!

Over the last week my husband and I traveled to Idaho to visit Scentsy Headquarters and get some great training. I am SO thankful for the opportunity I have to love my job!

Thankful for landing in O’Hare on the way AND back so I could have my favorite popcorn EVER at Garetts! TWICE!!!

I am thankful for 29 birthdays and friends who went above and beyond to make me feel valued!!!

I am thankful to have my windows open and waking up to crisp cool mornings.

So excited for the pumpkin spice lattes and everything that comes with the season of fall 🙂

Thankful to have the opportunity to serve the amazing teens in our youth group, they teach me so much about myself.

GRATEFUL for new tires on my car.

Thankful for the opportunity to get our finances under control with Financial Peace University!

Thankful for a new phone that works!

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