The Law of Receptivity

As most of you know, I am obsessed with the book The Go-Giver. I have been challenged in many ways to step up my game and give more than I ever thought I could. I have been challenged to serve with the attitude of gratitude, rather than serve because I had to.  I have seen a change in my heart from my personal life to my life outside my home. I have found that viewing my daily tasks as a blessing and doing them with a heart of gratitude, rather than doing them half heartedly because they are my responsibility, has changed my attitude greatly. From cleaning the floors, to keeping up with laundry, to keeping up in my friends lives, to watching their kids.

What a blessing serving has become. How often do you serve and do it out of obligation? My guess would be, at the end of that act of service, your heart doesn’t feel any better than it did before you started. When we do anything, from daily tasks to serving someone else, and we do it from a place of have to verses a place of get to, we rob ourselves of the blessings we get out of serving. When watching a friends kids, I can do it from a place of feeling like I should help because I am her friend, or helping because I value her heart and want to make her life easier. When I do things out of a have to mentality all I get out of it is a check mark off my checklist. When I serve her because I love her, my heart feels successful, accomplished, and loved. 

My challenge to you is to do your daily tasks and your acts of service from a place of gratitude. Make a mental change from the have to to the get to. As many of you know, I have started setting time aside on fridays to take flowers to a Friend that I want to love on. I find SO much joy running around picking someone to share flowers with, it has become such a blessing to my heart. Yesterday I went in to my local florist and picked up my usual. She handed me a fourth bouquet with a card. I HAD RECEIVED FLOWERS! I knew right in that moment why I LOVE to give flowers, that gift blessed my heart beyond words. I do not serve my friends flowers so they will do it in return, but understanding the law of giving more in value than you take in payment will always end up with receiving back. Whether it is a smile from someone you served, or being served in return. It is the law of receptivity. When you give, you will receive. So give full heartedly, and receive full heartedly!

Be challenged friends! This could change the way we do everything!

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