We Just Received Our Scentsy Family Reunion Kit And It's Amazing!


Look what came in the mail today!

We have received our Scentsy Family Reunion 2015 Product Kit, and it’s even more incredible than we expected! Here’s what is in it: a Scentsy Fine Fragrance Roller Perfume in fragrance #27, a Velvet Hand Cream #82, the New Scentsy Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser with the Aspire shade, a Eucalyptus Essential Oil, a Clear Essential Oil Blend (with Needle, Lavender, Peppermint, and Eucalyptus), a Lemon Eucalyptus Bergamot 100% Natural Oil, a Lenny the Lamb buddy clip, French Lavender Hand Soap, Coconut Lemongrass Counter Clean, a Coconut Cotton Car Bar, Sunkissed Citrus Kitchen Soap, Luna Clothing Conditioner, a Rock Balance Element Warmer, an Italian Rooster nightlight warmer, a Penny the Pig Bath Soothie, Candy Dandy Bath Smoothie, and seven new bars. The new bars they included are Candy Dandy, What-A-Melon, Jammy Time, Sugared Cherry, Berry Bubble Blue, Blueberry Rush, Rum Raisin Cookie.

The first thing we tried was Fine Fragrance Roller. The scent was light and beautiful and the perfume came out easily. Our girls were so excited for the buddy clips that they immediately took them and put them on their backpacks. They smell fantastic and they are super soft! Kait loved taking a bath with the Penny the Pig Bath Soothie. The Candy Dandy Bath Smoothie was fun and foamy and smelled like cotton candy.

Then we set up our new Scentsy Diffuser. The setup and use is simple, and it’s exciting to have such a high quality home fragrance diffuser that we know will last a lifetime. The changing color lights are our girls favorite part, but we love the pure scent that it throws. We’ve seen plenty of diffusers that we wouldn’t want to display on our mantle, but this is one that anyone would be proud to share.

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