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This month marks a huge turn in our lives three years ago. I remember when I blew off Scentsy and said I didn’t want anything to do with direct sales because I don’t enjoy being pushed into something and I don’t want to push others. When I fell in love with the product my only intention was to do a few parties and to get out of the house. We hadn’t lived in Newark long and I needed friends and to take a break from being a mom to two itty bitties. Little did I know what three years could hold.

I am now coming up on my 4th year with Scentsy, but three years ago is when I really started to see it take shape. At the time we lived in a small apartment with our two little girls, we had one reliable car, and were living penny to penny. Actually, we were living penny to negative penny.  We could hardly make ends meet, often over drafting and struggling to buy groceries. Three years ago I had a small business with 9 consultants under me, during this month we made director and my perspective of things changed DRASTICALLY.

You see, living the way we lived, we resigned to the thought that it would ALWAYS be that way. penny to penny, day to day. BUT, 3 years later our entire lives are truly different. Not just monetarily, but emotionally and relationally.  Our bank account is far from where we want it to be with kids and debt, but I know and believe that where we will be in three years form now will be that much more amazing!!! We have gone from Disney, to Punta Cana, Cancun, Riviera Maya, Whistler, and all over within the states. I have made life long friends, spoke in front of too many people to count, and built a self esteem that I never thought I could have or deserved. We have now bought our first house, paid for three years of preschool, and have a plan to eliminate all of our debt (including our ridiculous school loans and our house).

So many things to be grateful for and this is only the beginning! Three years of reflection is amazing. Don’t wait three years to look back and think why didn’t I just seize  the moment? Why didn’t I fight like heck? Why didn’t I work harder? Do it now! Don’t wait to take your leap of faith, whatever that might look like, you will regret it three years later if you don’t!

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