Why We Live Our Lives Through Social Media


I get comments, questions, and have a lot of conversations around our interaction and openness through social media, mainly Facebook. Questions of why we share so often, why we “write love notes” on each other’s walls, and why use it so often. On a regular basis I think of why we use social media to communicate and why we find it to be not only a valuable tool for communication but also a valuable tool to share with others.

I want to share a few reasons why we do things the way we do and bring clarification to what is our reality. Over the last 8 years of our amazing marriage Mark and I have lived in 5 different homes, we have served at three separate churches, have lived in three separate cities, and made many friends along the way. From our families at home to the families we’ve created along the way, we have found social media to be a GREAT way to stay connected to those we have met, loved, and done life with a long the way. We love the way we can keep up on each persons life and the way we can stay connected even from a great distance. Though it may sometimes feel like a diary entry or a “day in the life of the Tenney’s”, we enjoy the opportunity to share, celebrate, and communicate with friends and family.

Recently (as in 5 days ago) I was in the hospital preparing to welcome my 3rd beautiful babe! I was asked by many why in the world I was on facebook (trust me, I have plenty to do in my life:)). My reason is simple, it is a GREAT way to share with the ones we love in one location. Whether it is praise, prayer, help, friendship, or just a listening ear that is the result, it is a wonderful tool to communicate with those we love and cherish most.

Some may say that personal business should not be public, and if you read my facebook you will see, I completely agree. You will never hear me air my dirty laundry, choose to deal with conflict, or work through problems via facebook statuses and comments. No, I don’t think social media is the place to work through issues or confront problems. I do, however, think it is an amazing way to share stories, do life, and build friendships with those we love. Have you noticed that you feel like you know people better because you see their kids lose their first tooth, you walk through a death in family with someone, or you pray for them before surgery? Facebook has an amazing way of letting you do life with others, even if it is on a less personal level.

I think when used right, it is an AMAZING tool. One I can look back through and see all the little blessings that have happened over the years and see how it has connected me with so many people I love. We will continue to use it to share the blessings in our life, just don’t get the pinterest perfection going on in your brain. Our life is FAR from perfect. But with all the bad and depressing things you hear in the news, who needs to hear more? Thank you for all those who share in our facebook life, we are blessed to have you!

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  1. We have only met on a couple occasions, but you have been a blessing to me through your life and encouragement over Facebook. Thank you for sharing your life!

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