You Just Can't Measure Up

Do you ever feel like you are just not good enough?

I would think that most people have this feeling from time to time. Feeling good enough, or worthy, is not something we are surrounded with daily. Everyday you have to face the mirror, co-workers, family, the world. And sometimes they don’t like what they see, and neither do we.

But who is it that sets this standard and why do we always feel like we just can’t measure up?  I am not sure who wrote the standard on beauty, but some days I would like to throw that person out a window. The bottom line is we are always comparing our  appearance, our productivity, our lifestyle, and so on to everyone around us. But what good does that actually do? Does it make you prettier? Skinnier? More gracious? A better worker?  A better mom? A better friend? Or does it do the opposite? Make you more unsatisfied with yourself?

The plain truth is we will never live up to the standardNo one can. No one famous, no one in power, no one in general. The “standard” is not really a standard, it is also not an average. The average person doesn’t look like Barbie. The average mom does not operate like Super Nanny. The average couple does not have the perfect marriage like Waltons.  The average person does not have money like the Hiltons. We are feed false images and false hopes daily, and that you can’t live up to.

So what do you do?  Are you worth more than the average?  If you ask them, they may say no. But if you ask me if you are worthy, the answer is yes! Worthy of feeling good about yourself.  Worthy of feeling loved.  Worthy of feeling appreciated at your job. Worthy of feeling like you are something, not just someone. If you don’t like the way you look, don’t try to change it because the standard say you have to.  Do it because you are worthy of feeling good and looking good. If you don’t feel appreciated, spend a little time each day appreciating those around you. When you put their needs first your will always be met. If you don’t feel like you are good enough, work on your weaknesses, and turn them into strengths.

The worst thing you can do is buy into the lie that you aren’t good enough. You are more than good enough,  YOU just have to believe it.


  1. You are one incredible writer. This is filled with love and God’s goodness. Thankful for you!

  2. The standard that you need to live up to is yours, but not the one the media has hyped for years & years. You need to look deep into your own soul to see the person you should be & figure out what you can do to get there. We all have tremendous potential & just need someone to help empower us & support us & remind us of how awesome we can be. Much like YOU!

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