Mini Scentsy Party

Looking for some ways to grow your business but you don’t want to break the bank? No worries! Our Mini Scentsy Party is the PERFECT to boost your PRV, help your friends get free Scentsy, AND do it on a budget!

What you will need for a mini Scentsy party:

Once you have them made up, the second step is crucial. Make a list of 10 people to ask to take one for a week, but only write down names of people you KNOW work outside the home or spend a lot of time with friends/ people. The type of host you have HAS to match the type of party, and a Mini Scentsy Party is hands off for you, so it HAS to be a hands on host. Once you have written their names down, snap a picture of you Mini Party and send it to them, asking them to take a mini to work with them.
Make it a goal to have 3-5 of these every month!

Once you’ve booked your mini Scentsy party:

  • Create a party on your workstation
  • Send the link to your host and have them send it out to their closest 25 friends.
  • Get the mini party to them within 24 hours of booking and schedule a close date on a Friday.
  • Set a goal for a $500 party (FREE shipping, higher rewards)
  • Keep in touch with them every other day to make sure they don’t need help

A Mini Scentsy Party is the perfect way to meet new people, keep your favorite customer stocked with FREE product, and to keep your business growing. Keep a list of people you think would be awesome with your kit and don’t stop until you book 3-5 a month! Even if your parties average $250, you will bring in $750-$1,250 a month! Be intentional and be consistent!

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