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flower a friend

A Season of Serving

Did someone say it is November already? I just don’t know that it is possible! Well, if you know me I am all about this season so bring on the GOOD food, the GREAT friends, and the COLD weather! I love this season as it forces us inside, helps us to slow down, and allows us to spend time together. I find myself blown away that it really is 52 days until Christmas. It seems like just yesterday that we were not even to 100. Although the cooler temps do help us slow down and usher us into our homes, the Holiday season is anything but relaxing in our home. Between my hubs working at a church (hello Advent season) to Scentsy (Hello sales season!) we are anything …

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Prosthetic Attitude

This week, I had the privilege of listening to my dear friend Kara share her story. When I first met Kara, I knew she was something special, but as I got to know her I realized just what an inedible woman she was. It didn’t take me long to notice that her one leg didn’t look like the other. As a matter of fact, her leg was not her leg at all, it was a prosthetic. I was fascinated by this positive, vivacious, happy woman who seemed to everything but a leg. Before I knew her story, I knew if I was in her position I might I have a hard time seeing the good in something that seems so terrible.

Flowering the Perfect?

Do you love what you see when you look in the mirror? Often women grow up looking in the mirror with the desire to change everything about ourselves. We look at magazines, tv, and all the media that surrounds us and compare ourselves  to what we see. We find a huge lacking within ourselves of what seems to be the adequate woman. She is confident, beautiful, skinny, drives the perfect car, works the perfect job. She has a handsome husband, perfect children, she’s a fantastic cook, and has a million friends. Her home is not only gorgeous, but immaculate. She is the President of the PTA, does all of the fundraisers, and never misses a soccer game. She goes to bed perfect and wakes up perfect. Did I …

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